Therapists send me their clients to connect them with loved ones who are no longer in a physical body.  I access unique information that promotes healing, understanding, forgiveness, ease, and peace of mind.  This is a natural ability I've had since childhood and developed over the years.

It's truly extraordinary how much healing takes place as a result and many say their grief was erased during our session together.

There can be an enormous amount of understanding and forgiveness gained through this unique process of communication as well. 

It's helped some of my clients to compassionately release any sense of guilt about their loved one's passing, and whether they did the right thing when their loved one was on earth.  

This process can help you tune into your own sense of purpose and discover who you came to earth to be. 


I've often been referred to as a Passionate Relationship Coach and I am that and more.  If you're ALL IN, I'm committed to show you how to bring out your best and the best in your relationships.  

Unlike conventional therapy, I provide step-by-step tools, insights, and practices to help you awaken clarity about what you truly desire to experience with yourself and in relationship.  I desensitize delicate topics and expertly reveal how you can master clear honest communication skills.  I demystify the secrets of polarity that can help you to ramp up trust and intimacy.  I only share what I know has worked for me through personal experience and this is why therapists come to me for their personal growth work.

I've coached singles on how to have fun dating while vetting a compatible partner. 

And couples on how to increase understanding, trust, and intimacy with each other. 

I've learned this through decades of research, as a certified conflict resolution trainer, and my own life experience, having studied with gifted teachers from diverse wisdom traditions around the world.  I assure you it's worth the investment to spare yourself the painful mistakes that I made.  

Poor relationship skills can drain precious emotional energy,  confidence, time, and even bank accounts (maybe you know someone who's experienced this?).  The bottom line is that clear communication and relationship skills increase our happiness quotient in multiples.  

Everything in life is about relationship and we have a relationship with everyone and everything.  Fabulous relationships pave the way for a fabulous life.

I provide Breakthrough Communication & Relationship Tools that really WORK!

I provide Breakthrough Communication & Relationship Tools that really WORK! 

We have an incredible opportunity to experience deepened understanding in our relationships with those living in physical form.  Don't wait for your loved ones to drop their bodies before experiencing meaningful connection. 

I saw my relationships blossom and respond immediately.


"Of the many seminars I've attended and countless books I've read on the topic of relationships; the simple, practical and easy to understand teachings of Denise Dolan have, by far, been the most helpful and yielded the best results. As I began to understand underlying dynamics and apply powerful principles, I saw my relationships blossom and respond immediately. Now I feel a healthy curiosity to learn more because it works! All of my relationships, romantic and otherwise, are resting on a solid foundation Denise has shared with me. I highly recommend Denise to anyone who is ready for a fresh start and new perspective on the relationships in their life!" 


Paul shares how using these Breakthrough Communication & Relationship Tools are practical to move any relationship forward.

We're either growing and evolving or contracting.  Relationships help us to consciously expand.

Stabilize your experience of life by harmonizing the inner and outer senses.


I've dedicated my life to developing these inner abilities (also referred to as the "inner senses") to make a meaningful difference in my life and in the life of others.   

More and more, science is showing us what mystics have known all along—we're a lot more than a physical body with a brain.  Given the chance, we all have capabilities far beyond the five senses.  It's important to note and understand that the five senses are designed to interpret the outer physical world and the inner senses are designed to interpret and receive guidance from within.  

Developed inner senses can free us from fear, anxiety and suffering.  When we identify and define ourselves as outer circumstances and conditions rather than from the inside out, we cut ourselves short.  Relying on the five senses alone, we lose power and life becomes a bumpy ride, like driving a car with two wheels instead of four.  

Acting a bridge between the physical nonphysical world is just one aspect of having developed inner senses.  Developing the inner senses can also alleviate suffering by allowing us to access relevant information to live life fully.  If you're ready to develop your inner senses you can expect to:

  • Receive clear inner guidance
  • Trust your gut instead of ignoring it with rationalizations and justifications only to regret not having "listened" afterwards (ever happen to you?)
  • Experience profound life wisdom
  • Encounter greater ease

While we are all born with these inner abilities (some with easier access than others), many of us have not received helpful guidance about how to develop them.  In fact, due to superstition and fear, many of us were discouraged from acknowledging them at all, no less encouraged to develop them!  

When it finally became clear to me that most people in my life were not having these experiences, I also realized the depth of healing that could take place as a result of cultivating these inner abilities.  I was determined to learn and understand more, but from whom and from where?  Maybe you're wondering the same thing?


My natural abilities made me feel different yet also curious, and I wasn't getting sensible answers from conventional resources.  Even when I was building confidence in my capacity to meaningfully share with those around me, deep-rooted fears about being ostracized stung me into an internal rally of justifications as to why I should live a lie and keep these sensitivities to myself.  Maybe you or someone you know sometimes experience something similar?  

I made a decision to jump from familiar terrain I had once deemed "safe" to the unknown.  I trained under teachers who had similar abilities to me.  Surprisingly, they were mature corporate women with a few decades of wisdom under their belts, and they were willing to teach me how to develop and trust my own inner abilities. They provided a safe space for me to cultivate my gifts and share healing experiences with others.  I met with them as a group every other week for seven years.

Shortly after meeting them, I began training with established teachers from diverse wisdom traditions to better understand how to put these abilities into a relatable context of "life and death."  My experiences of healing made sense and defied what I had learned from many others as a child.  I am fortunate to have had so many experienced, trustworthy and wise teachers who became my role models.  This wasn't something my conventional education had prepared me for.

They were mature corporate women with a few decades of wisdom under their belts and they were willing to teach me how to develop and trust my own inner senses.  They provided a safe space for me to cultivate my abilities and share healing experiences with others. 


Vicki never heard her son talk about this when he was in physical form.  After he passed over he tried to get her attention but Vicki wasn't sure how to grasp what was coming through.  We started working together and she discovered how to activate her Inner Senses and Abilities.  Listen to what she has to say...