Hi. I'm Denise, and I was born with abilities that allow me to communicate with the dead, or more accurately, with those who passed and are no longer in physical form.  

I'm thoughtful about how how I use the word “dead” because experience has shown me that what we call death is simply a change of form.  It's been demonstrated to me over and over again that when we drop our physical body the essence of our spirit remains very much alive.  

This is why therapists send their clients to me.  I help connect people with their loved ones who are no longer in a physical body.  This process can help to heal grief, deepen understanding, activate compassion and forgiveness, while invoking a fresh sense of purpose and vitality.  

Ironically, I didn't realize just how powerful these sessions are until I watched the video testimonials made for this website.  I typically don't know my client when they book a session, or their loved ones who are no longer in non-physical form.  So the messages that come through don't always make sense to me (and they don't need to make sense to me, they need to make sense to my client).  Watching these video testimonials helped me realize the significance of sharing these abilities. If you're even the tiniest bit interested in connecting with a loved one who is no longer in physical form, or in receiving guidance from beyond, I encourage you to watch the following testimonials on this page--just keep scrolling down.

This is what I am earth to do, and theses sessions help my clients become the people they were born to be.  

I also provide Breakthrough Communication & Relationship Tools to Bring Out Your Best and the Best in Your Relationships with the living. There's no reason to wait for your loved ones to pass before attempting to understand yourself or underlying dynamics in your significant relationships.  Clear up the energy with your loved ones on earth so you don't experience regret later.  

These unique and proven tools help to improve communication, deepen understanding, trust and intimacy.  If you're seeking to improve your connection with your partner, family members, friends, or co-workers I encourage you to explore how I work and what these tools can do for you. 

Are you ready to connect with a loved one no longer in physical form for deeper understanding and healing?  

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationships with the living?  

Are you empathic or sensitive yourself?  If so, you may want to develop your own inner senses and abilities, as I have.  You'll be surprised by how much easier life can be when you're operating with both the five outer senses and the inner organs of perception together, in harmony.  

If you answered yes to any of these I can help you.  I offer complimentary 20 minute Let's Get Acquainted calls to see if we might be a good fit to work together which is my gift to you.

These sessions help my clients become the people they were born to be.

These sessions help my clients become the people they were born to be.

Discover how I first became aware of my ability to receive messages from loved ones and others in the non-physical world, and why I made a decision to never hold back a message.

Helen, a Psychotherapist, shares how a session with me allows her clients to move through grief and envision their life beyond significant loss.  Then, they reconnect with her for continued counseling.

Sara lost her only child, an adult son, and she was devastated by grief and depression. Discover what happened during her session. 

After Vicki's son passed, he was trying to send her messages that she didn't fully catch or understand.  See how all of that changed after two sessions.

Helen sends clients to me for healing yet never anticipated that she herself would benefit from these abilities.  Hear how working with me helped her to heal after experiencing profound loss in her own family.

Paul shares his experience of what it's like to be married to someone who has access to the non-physical realm, and we both discovered something unexpected!

A mysterious message involving a red lollipop is given to me by a client’s grown son.  I had no idea what it meant and this is what happened afterwards…


"As a psychotherapist with a private practice I have seen people in intense pain, regret, shame, anxiety and depression. In over 15 years of exercising a curiosity in self discovery I have experienced few things as helpful as Denise’s guidance. I believe it is the simplicity of "The Four Agreements" concepts that make them so effective for so many people. What these agreements do, intentionally or not, is brilliantly combine strategic psychological techniques, profound spiritual guidance, and active group support that all works beautifully together.  Regardless of what the issue is in your life, there is relief from your suffering…you need only to accept the invitation."